Spray It to Say It

I’ve seen graffiti before. In Baltimore, there are some outstanding murals and graffiti work - call them memorials - that mark where lavish department stores and cultural centers once stood gracefully.  In many cities throughout the States, the birth of hip-hop culture influenced not only the expression of music, but also graffiti art.  It started with fellas like TAKI 183, a guy who was a foot messenger when he first began graffitiing.  He painted in signature form across NYC until he made a name for himself as one of the originators of graffiti.  His work is exhibited throughout the country in art galleries like the one I spotted on 69 Leonard St.  It’s called Gallery 69 and houses the works of many well-known graffiti artists.  Later that evening, I walked by a hotel in the city and was astounded to see graffitied lamps resting on the windowsills.  Never seen that before, but it was a very cool site to see.

Tribeca's Gallery 69

New Graffiti