Just Call It 'Hill Top Shop'

    New York's Lower East Side of Manhattan has a sweet assortment of tucked away shops. This shop, All Good Things was just so quaint and cute, I had to go in and explore. They have several booths set up, each vendor specializing in a unique something.  I chose to video the very first booth because its beautiful floral arrangements are filled with May-weather reminiscence.  You see a station with cured meats and cheese that would make for a delicioso dinner party appetizer.  You see another station with many ice-creamy wonders like key lime pie ice-cream (tried a sample - it was delish). If you go in, you will also find super crumbly, super buttery chocolate chip cookies at a pastry stand (got one - highly recommend :). When I walk through, I am reminded of Baltimore foodie go to - Belvedere Square - where the ambiance is similarly refreshing.  It is wonderful finding a place that reminds me of my home, Baltimore, and it's even greater to know that there are a few gems a sparklin' in this new city.