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Royal Things is a hunger fighting vintage and handcrafted jewelry e-boutique that gives meals to those who are undernourished because to give is a precious gift. The jewelry is a sum of many generations of 'creatives' tapping into and exploring the art of jewelry. 

For each jewel purchased, Royal Things gives a meal to someone in need in the U.S. and abroad.  More specifically, Royal Things packages lunches freshly and brings them to a Baltimore, MD based charity organization that has been serving homeless gentlemen faithfully for over 50 years.   Additionally, Royal Things donates funds to a New York-based non-profit organization to fund their supply of Plumpy' Nuts - a peanut butter-like nutritional food that combats malnutrition primarily in young children. What has been given before - hopefully and with your help - will be incomparable to that which is given in the future.   


Help Royal Things not only change, but augment our local and global communities and add some goodies to your jewelry collection in the process!





Bio Forest Leaf Brooch

Bio Forest Leaf Brooch
Bio Forest Leaf Brooch

Bio Forest Leaf Brooch

  • Metal
  • About 2.5 inches

In our collecting, we went through a stage where we were especially inclined to select enameled jewelry, like this leaf brooch.  Enamel gives jewelry a polished look and it protects the jewel so that it lasts and remains in mint condition (excellent condition) for many, many years.  This is a brooch that anyone could wear, but especially someone who is into nature or who has an affinity for the idea of upcycling.  The leaf references nature and leaves are a sign of green-living.  I, personally, like this brooch because it stays true to the structure of an actual leaf and has significance attached to it.

This brooch is vintage and virtually one-of-a-kind. This is the brooch that keeps on giving.  Try this out, and you will also help in giving meals to those in need. For more info, check out About Us.


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