Royal Things is a jewelry line that features both handcrafted and vintage jewelry. Our handcrafted jewelry is made using vintage components, semi-precious gemstone beads and other objects that are combined to create colorful, unique and limited edition jewelry. Our vintage selection is diverse and includes jewelry from the Victorian, Victorian revival, Art Deco and Hippie eras. Royal Things jewelry is eclectic, yet sophisticated; colorful, yet subtle; classic, yet fashion-forward and it always tells a story. Our jewelry tells the story of fashion as expressed through many style profiles and eras.

In addition to offering jewelry, we are also a hunger-fighting business. For every item purchased, one meal goes to someone in need within the U.S. and another goes abroad. These funds primarily provide nourishment for homeless individuals, young children in the U.S. and children in developing countries.

We believe that we all can and should be able to enjoy fashion and make purchases that better humanity. We want you to know that fashion and philanthropy go hand-in-hand. We want you to join us in styling to end hunger :)